Fishnet UTILI-TUBE Stocking


  2. * Black Nylon Body with Yellow or Black Mesh Tips Top and Bottom
  3. (Also available with black mesh tips)
    * Strong Nylon Will Prevent Scratching of Boat
    * Fender Is Secured Within Tube By Double Mesh Tips and Drawstring
    * Washable Nylon Tube and Mesh Keeps Fenders Clean
    * Eliminates Sqeaking Noise When Fenders Rub Against Boat
    * Easy Installation and Removal
    * Fender through-line fits through Mesh on Top and Bottom
    * Available in three sizes for three Fender Sizes:
    Extra Large (12x34), Large (10 x 26) and Medium (8 x 20)
    ITEM 30100 - XTRA LARGE
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    ITEM 30200 - LARGE
    Select Color
    ITEM 30300 - MEDIUM
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